Aeternae (EP)

by Gateway

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televiper This Gateway EP is a stunning agglomeration of death-doom tropes made new, breathing sick life into an old corpse with anvil weight riffs, grim hooks, and truly abysmal vocals. Favorite track: Vocatvs.
Dean Vincent
Dean Vincent thumbnail
Dean Vincent Music that makes your bones rattle in their joints. Seriously, I listen to this and I can feel the rumble of the incessant thunder of the low end throughout my entire being. Those vocals accompany the sound perfectly also.
Sekator thumbnail
Sekator A sountrack to a slow end of the world. Classic vocals. Favorite track: Kha'laam.
Freddy thumbnail
Freddy As headless M-T Paukkunen says....Its mindblowing and I like your evil sorcery vocals...... The best I can find at my backdoor..... Go 4 it...
Khopen dak agowe ne CD van junder ip de kop kunn tekkn ;-)
Silas thumbnail
Silas Damn, those vocals pulverize. Short, sweet, and heavy. Favorite track: Kha'laam.
Spinebrain thumbnail
Spinebrain Those vocals blew my head off, so this evil sorcery needed to be a part of my collection. Favorite track: Kha'laam.
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Demo EP

“Gateway fucking rule and are the sublimation of filth, of awesome and of completely reckless anti-musicality in death metal.” -CVLT NATION

“It is rare to hear debuts so singular, so devoid of the influence plundering young artists often mistake for originality. Gateway is intent on capturing your attention and never letting it go.” - DOOMMANTIA

“One of the best parts of the record is how things this far down can mix together and just create a melange of destruction and ruin. Though this release is only 3 songs long, its dedication to utter destruction is felt for an eternity.” -TAPE WYRM


released September 10, 2014

© Gateway/ Robin Van Oyen



all rights reserved


Gateway Bruges, Belgium


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Track Name: Kha'laam
Open the crypt of the ancient archfiend
Destroyer of worlds, I kneel before thy throne
Condemned procreation, dying beast of old

Infested spawn of endless desecration

Horrific manifest of destruction

Entrenced, broken, decayed
Entangled in stench and gore

Maimed victims embalmed in smudge
Track Name: Mangled Icons
Enter this stinking womb
Kill the mangled whore

Disfigured idols
Weak minds

All bow for the mangled icons
All bow for the mangled whore

Bow for the icons of nameless cults
And find your soul condemned to hell
Track Name: Vocatvs